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Ricky Woods
Owner, MysterRick Computer Services

In 2016 reported that for the first time Mobile Devices had passed Desktop Devices when searching the web. If your companies web site is not a responsive web design, your loosing market share on a daily basis.

For years most folks have really been so plugged in to searching the internet from home for hours at a time. Think about the advantage of having a hand held device that can deliver to you the power of the internet no matter where you go.

Now more then ever it is becoming evident to website owners that their website needs to be mobile optimized and accessible to this ever expanding community.

We have the solution, we will take your existing web site or create a new website that is Responsive and ready for the mobile landscape, whether it is a mobile smart phone, tablet etc, we will create your site to respond to these platforms.  This “mobile ready” website will ONLY appear to those trying to view your website from a mobile device, it will not interfere with your current website in any way. This will not only be viewable but will load faster for all mobile devices, assuring you that you won’t lose any new business.

Your “mobile optimized” website will feature:

  • The address and phone number to your business, prominently displayed
  • A button people can press to call you directly from their phone
  • An option to receive directions to your business, directly to their phone
  • Additional points you would like to emphasize about your business

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